Friday, June 24, 2011

Surprise, Surprise: More Research Indicates Diet is Best Cure for Diabetes

I just came across this article on BBC claiming that they've found a way to reverse diabetes by "eating only liquid diet drinks and non-starchy vegetables." Really? Eating a plant based diet can reverse diabetes? Oh, wait, we already figured this out years ago when research found that a vegan diet worked so well on a group of diabetes patients that a lot of them stopped taking their insulin or became diabetes-free.

To be fair, there's a lot of differences between the two studies, in the one talked about in the BBC article, they were only allowed to eat 600 calories a day and we all know that eating just non-starchy veggies isn't all that great for you because you need more variety in your diet. Also, it only lasted 2 months and then the patients were allowed to go right back to their shitty Western diets without much change. As Mike Tyson would be able to tell you, staying healthy means staying vegan. What? Do you want to get diabetes again??

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  1. Huge problem here. People get sick with the regular Western diet; then they get cure by simply changing to a plant based diet. “Oh!” they say “After all these plants are curative..”

    And that is a big mistake. Plants are NOT medicine or curative; Western Diet is illness producing, which is different.

    “They are cured now ” doctor say “they can go home and continue their usual life...” and they get sick again.