Saturday, October 9, 2010

So... I made a really dumb petition.... :P

I love candy corn. I haven't had any since becoming vegan. Jelly Belly candy corn is one ingredient away from being vegan; they use beeswax to coat the outside. As we all know, there are many many many non-animal alternatives to beeswax that they could be using instead, which would make it the first truly vegan candy corn on the market. So, I'm gonna try to convince them to do switch. :D

Go here to sign the petition: MAKE VEGAN CANDY CORN, JELLY BELLY!


  1. Hey. found ya through the Spfd. vegans FB page. Signed your petition, too ;)

  2. w00t!

    Just so everyone knows, I've since learned that most Jelly Belly candies would be vegan with the exclusion of beeswax. Perhaps another petition should be started?