Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A (slightly exaggerated) Depiction of How Non-vegans View Vegans and How Vegans View Themselves (or: FUN WITH MS PAINT!!! :D )

How vegans see themselves:

How non-vegans see vegans:

This is 5% social commentary and 95% alleviation of boredom.

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  1. The army of carrot-holders; eat your tofu; it might look and sound funny, but it is becoming a serious problem. Data indicate that 51% of Global Warming is due to the agriculture mainly needed to feed cattle, pigs, chicken and catch fish.

    1% of calories is all you get from beef meat; 99% are lost in the process or represent the “cost” of the luxury.

    10% are the calories that pig stuff provides the human eater; 90% are lost.

    12% is all you get from chickens.

    We are destroying the habitat just because we want to feel that “meaty” flavor in our food?

    The human species DOES NEED an army of RATIONAL thought to understand the data.

    On the other side, the stupidest thing is that us, humans, simply do not need, do not require meat as our food! It makes us sick!

    We do need an army to make people understand: this is not A GAME, an OPTION, an “extravagant lifestyle”; plant food eaters is what our civilization and cultures should have always thrived for.

    If we made the change to plant food eating, only 30% of today's agriculture would be needed to properly feed 7.4 billion!

    And we would have diminished the global warming generation in 35%!